Bored Gamers: Time Travel

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Greg Marshall contemplates the past, present and future

This week, for something different, I would like to invite you the discerning reader to join me in an experiment of sorts. We shall be attempting no less a feat than literary time travel. Indeed, without so much as a flux capacitor in sight, I shall attempt to take you on a chronological roller-coaster ride.

You see, as I write this, I am precisely one week away from entering the Latest TV studio to film two back-to-back episodes of Bored Gamers. Tomorrow, my deadline to submit this article, will be precisely one week away from the airing of the first episode. And yet, by the time this article is published you will have had the opportunity to view one, if not both of the first two Bored Gamers shows.

Therein lies the issue. At the time of publication this article would be in the ideal slot and the perfect platform from which to consider the behind-the-scenes filming of a television program or even a retrospective look at our thoughts on the première of our first show, yet here and now in my present (or your past as the reader), without the skill of clairvoyancy or premonitive hindsight, such feats are impossible.

Hands up if you are with me so far, for it’s going to get more confusing here on in. I am lucky to share the task of writing this article with my co-producer and presenter Jim Devereaux, so next week, when I would be in the perfect position to report on the filming of a televised show, Jim will be writing instead. Of course this isn’t a major obstacle as Jim could instead take the task of reporting on such matters. Only he would have barely finished producing and presenting the two shows next week at the submission deadline. Should he squeeze in a look at the filming of the first show, this will be published two weeks from my present (your past) or one week from you reading this (my future).

“I shall attempt to take you on a chronological roller-coaster ride”

So the question remains, what should I write about? Well, very little it seems. As I creep up to my word count, I must apologise to those who have stuck with this for the lack of any real substance. I daren’t say more for risk of inadvertently affecting the future. So see you on the other side, and keep gaming!

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