Latest People: Artwave Open House Festival, The BHYC ‘Copper Collective’


Artwave Open House Festival 2014
Geoff Stonebanks and Mark Glassman from the award winning Driftwood garden in Bishopstone clocked 965 visitors at the festival this summer, who came to see 16 artists’ stunning work set against the beautiful canvas of the gardens.

Over the period of the festival, they sold an incredible £10,042 worth of art. Geoff commented: “This is staggering when you compare to previous years sales, and is virtually double what we did in 2013.” They also sold an amazing £1,000 worth of home made tea and cakes, served in the garden on trays in vintage china. Proceeds from these went to Macmillan Cancer Support, for whom Geoff is a registered fundraiser. Visitors were very generous, and donated £540 during Artwave and spent £870 on raffle tickets.

The money raised will help build The Sussex Macmillan Cancer Support Centre, which will offer all round support for people affected by cancer in a calm, friendly and welcoming environment.

More details of Geoff’s garden exploits and fundraising challenges can be found on his website:

The Copper Collective
A group of eight youth organisations, collectively called The Brighton and Hove Youth Collective, launched their fundraising campaign this week, creatively titled ‘The Copper Collective’.

Copper Collective Launch

They are asking everyone in Brighton and Hove to collect up all their copper coins from around the house, office, car, shop or garden shed, bag them up and then hand them in to venues who are helping to collect across the city.

It is hoped that over the next few months, The BHYC will have collected in most of Brighton and Hove’s errant copper coins. The money can then be put towards the worthwhile activities and services that help support young people across the city. Although The BHYC do receive central funding, this only provides basic support, and more help is needed. If you’re interested in donating, visit or if you wish to act as a Collective Collection Point, email

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