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BREMF – Paris: Convent Divas – Musica Secreta, Celestial Sirens, Brighton Festival Youth Choir

- November 4, 2014

Two hours of convent music is a rarefied delight, but the church was completely full. A Mass by Charpentier and motets by Lully and Couperin brought the brilliance of the French baroque to Brighton. Led by three exquisite professional soloists of Musica Secreta, the adult specialist choir Celestial Sirens was joined by a very musical ripieno choir from the BFYC. The quality of sound and attention to detail was of the highest standard. Conducted by Deborah Roberts and Laurie Stras, they were supported most stylishly by Claire Williams (organ) and Alison Kinder (viol), who also excelled in their instrumental interludes.

St Paul’s Church, 2 November 2014
Rating: ★★★★½
Andrew Connal

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