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Nangle Natters: Victoria seeks green-peace

- March 21, 2016

Greens. Ever get the feeling you’re not eating enough of them? After shopping by instinct for each meal I have, one thing that my fridge is tells me is that I’m not eating enough greeny green veg.Ecologically_grown_vegetables
I do like vegetables, don’t get me wrong. I know enough people who seem to have a chosen veg and never waver off it. Peppers, carrots, peas – one for each and never to try the others. It’s like a few careless parents overcooked the cabbage too many times and left my friends distrustful of anything that isn’t their ‘trusty friend veg’. I even met someone once who didn’t like corn on the cob – that’s practically a toy as you eat it!
In my panic I bought a large packet of stir fry veg, all the goodness and still holding onto its crunch. Yum! I’m feeling better already.

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