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Yak Yak Yak: One is fun!

- March 29, 2016

How my friends laughed at my first world problems when I told them that I had trouble fitting a lobster into my deep freeze. They were of course right, finding space for a lobster is somewhat effete after all. But there I was with this cooked lobster that I want to use in a few weeks’ time, and the freezer was choc-a-block with ice lollies and containers of beef ragu, chicken stock and soups that I had made for future consumption.lobster-164479_960_720
I like to plan ahead and the freezer is a great help, especially as I live alone. And as a keen cook there is always too much food to eat in one sitting. I can remember giving a gift to a friend years ago and on opening it he declared it to be the most depressing gift he had ever received. I was surprised as I knew that he liked to cook and the newly published Delia Smith ‘One is fun’ seemed ideal. In many ways it was but he also saw it as a declaration of his status then and into a very lonely future. I apologised, although thirty years on he is still single, so I bet those pages are well worn by now. Good old Delia!
I find it hard to cook for one so I do what I have always done and eat too much. No, seriously, I freeze things that are suitable to freeze, hence the lobster dilemma. It’s nice to know that I can delve beneath the choc ices and find a lasagne or a pie, and with careful planning I can eat very well and reduce waste – but not waist!

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