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Yak Yak Yak: Starry Starry Knight

- April 19, 2016

It’s confession time. For a few years I was Astral Angi, writing horoscopes in Latest 7. What do you mean, you knew? You could tell that my predictions were bogus, did you not like my declarations of what your astral biscuit was? At least I tried.
I’m not a believer to be honest. I never read the stars, I simply do not see any evidence in my life that they bear any connection with my reality. Not that my reality is much to go by you might say – reality, paah!Palmistry_Chiromancy_Palm_Reading
Years ago I worked for Barry Humphreys and Dame Edna. We were in Birmingham doing a radio interview and the DJ asked Edna if she ever
felt that she had gone over the top. Edna replied: “Over the top darling? You should ask my art director Andrew, he
lives there!”
In many ways Edna was right, I do lead a rather extraordinary life and some of my ideas have certainly been over the top. Fortunately for the most part, the people that I have worked with and my friends have embraced that. Learnt to live with the crazy world that is A Kay.
A few years after my year with Dame Edna I was charged with the job of designing a book of palm readings of celebrities by a very lovely lady who lived here in Sussex. I drove down and we met to discuss how we would go about presenting the palm prints and creating a cover. I really liked this lady, she was charming and sincere, and despite me not really believing in the whole thing, I was happy to go along with her when she asked to do a reading for me. She took a palm print and said that she would post me the results, yes pre-internet days.
A few weeks later a large manilla envelope arrived in the post, yes pre-internet, and in it a huge document, hand written, page after page of it and all fascinating. I’ve just found it in a drawer and some of what she saw has proved to be pretty accurate. I may well predict a change in my beliefs.

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