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Yak Yak Yak: C’est magnifique

- April 26, 2016

Hands up all of you who have travelled to Paris and enjoyed the sight of the magnificent Eiffel Tower, it really is the most wonderful and iconic sight. Maybe you, like me, have also admired Blackpool Tower, not so big but equally impressive and again a great icon of the British seaside resort. Eiffel_tower_from_trocadero
I have reveled at so many wonderful buildings around the world, the lunacies of Las Vegas had me rocking with laughter. The Sydney Opera House makes a startling silhouette against the bright blue of the harbour and sky. The harbour bridge to the left is pretty impressive too and knocked my personal memory of the Runcorn suspension bridge into touch. The Guggenheim in Bilbao is a shiny and shining example of the shock of the new.
You may be wondering where I am going with this so I will try to explain. The recent furore over one person’s view of Brighton Pier got rather out of hand. I have to say that I think his view was silly and expressing it as he did was misguided, but I guess he’s entitled to his opinion. In the same way that people are free to express their opinions on the British Airways i360. I like it, I like the pier and I always have, it is a vital element of our city’s rich history. I guess when the pier was being constructed there was an air of awe and wonder at the technology and no doubt a few detractors too.
The threat of the new is for some exciting and for some scary. The pier has been a huge success and has no doubt been a major factor in attracting visitors to the city. I hope that the new hi tech viewing tower will be equally impressive and attract many more visitors.
One day we might all be standing there, amongst the visitors, looking at it with the same eyes that were seduced by the Eiffel Tower and all of those other scary new edifices that we now revere.

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