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Entertainment: £10 tickets for innovative dance & experimental music at Brighton Festival

- May 23, 2016

One of my favourite things about Brighton Festival is the opportunity to try new things for a great price. At the time of writing, there are still £10 tickets available for two dance performances at the Theatre Royal and the Dome’s Concert Hall, so this is a perfect opportunity to try out world-class dance in a beautiful venue. I grew up mostly attending rock gigs but Antony Gormley’s ‘Sutra’ and Hofesh Shechter’s ‘barbarians’ are two of my favourite shows ever: beautifully fusing music, lighting and dance in a beguiling, glorious whole.Correction(1)
Correction sees the performers’ legs stuck to the ground (reflecting their lack of freedom) while slants, falls and imbalances are “corrected” and the person restored to equilibrium. There will be subtle humour and poignant interaction, which can be distinctly entertaining when watching dance, in a way unique to the form. A live soundtrack from four clarinetists (Clarinet Factory) will be a fascinating piece in itself, since their style takes in classical, jazz, minimalism and film music so we can expect some fun dynamics and interplay with the performers.
The hugely popular Akram Khan returns to the Festival after eight years, and ‘Until the Lions’ sees him perform with two of his company dancers and alongside four musicians performing vocals and “soundscape”. The prominent billing of the musicians reflects the integral role of music in modern dance performances and bolsters its crossover appeal. Having already been given five stars by The Observer, who described it as “thrilling and beautiful”, Khan’s latest show looks like it should also make for a fine evening at an affordable price.
Correction, Theatre Royal Brighton, 24-25 May, 7.30pm
Until the Lions, Concert Hall, Dome, 26 -27 May, 7.30pm

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