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Yak Yak Yak: Wolky mile in my shoes

- May 23, 2016

I’m not a conventional dresser as those of you who have seen me will know. I like bright clothes, flamboyant clothes that certainly make me stand out. I especially love bright shoes and in particular red shoes. when I was a child I loved my bright red Startrite summer sandals and when I was about seven I was heartbroken that my ever expanding feet had taken me into sizes that were no longer available in red and only in brown. Brown! How dull!Wolkyshop-Launch-Andrew-Kay-and-Lorraine-Bowen-Photo-Credit-Julia-Claxton
A few weeks ago I went the opening of a new shoe shop where the lovely Lorraine Bowen sang a newly penned ditty and cut the ribbon on an emporium of footwear delights. She was wearing a fabulous pair in zebra pattern so I was keen to see what they did in my sizes. There were great shoes, baseball boots, casual shoes and formal too and sandals, really handsome sandals that reminded me so much of those I had as a child. Okay they were brown or black, but they were a good shape. I chatted to the man behind Wolkyshop shoes and he very kindly said that he could perhaps make me a pair in red and a few weeks later they arrived and I love them, really love them.
Now I can offer one of you the chance to win a pair of Wolkyshop shoes, from the range in store, by answering the following question.
In which country did Wolkyshop Shoes originate?
Fill in your answer at www.wolkyshop.co.uk/latest7 and one lucky winner will be walking in Wolky very soon!

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