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- August 16, 2016


21 hour performance to help restore a valuable grand piano at St Luke’s Church

Have you ever been to a 21 hour piano marathon? You haven’t?! Well neither have I admittedly, but there is a unique chance to see one at St Luke’s Church next weekend.

Erik Satie’s ‘Vexations’ asks for 840 repetitions of a short piano piece, which he composed in 1893 following a difficult break up with his girlfriend. Full performances of the piece are rare: it wasn’t performed in its entirety until 1963 in a concert arranged by John Cage.

This bank holiday weekend 21 hour marathon concert is in aid of a 100 year old New York Steinway piano, the grand piano of St Luke’s Church. They aim to raise £10,000 to repair flaws such as a split in the soundboard, and a similar piano might cost £50,000 to buy outright. You can find out more by searching ‘piano history’ at the to watch a short news piece.

37 pianists will play through the night so there will be an air of serenity and excitement

The performance will see 37 pianists playing all through the night, as well as counting each other’s repetitions with a live number board, so there will be a lovely air of drama and serene excitement about the place. It should be a nice atmosphere and a fun concert to dip into, and you would be supporting a fine musical cause. You are also allowed to bring a sleeping bag if you go for the long haul and want to doze off!

If you can’t make it then you can still donate at Performers include Helen Burford, Adam Swayne, Guy Richardson, Peter Copley, Emma Field, John Fryer and many more: the list can be viewed in full on Swayne’s website below.

Vexations, St Luke’s Church, Fri/Sat 26/27 Aug, 7.30pm to 4.30pm. £3 to £7,

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