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Brighton’s Arty

- September 13, 2016


Angels of the South Downs

No big surprise that our lush land and seascapes fire the creative souls of so many local artists. But we are constantly amazed by the variety of shapes and forms that transpire. Take sculptor Julie Snowball. She lives in Normans Bay with breathtaking views over the Weald, where the gentle undulating line of the South Downs meets the sea at Beachy Head. For more than 25 years Julie has experimented with clay, and her current fascination is figurative in the form of blue angels and nomadic ladies. These are hand-coiled and textured, inspired by the uninterrupted skyline and the rolling South Downs. The angels are sprayed with a blue glaze to emphasise the heavenly blue skies, while the nomadic ladies are inspired by Gustav Klimt. You’ll find Julie’s work at Chalk Gallery, Lewes.

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