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Yak Yak Yak: Pollyanna

- October 4, 2016


Right now, this minute, as we talk… well things are a bit glum. Post-Brexit, which I thought was a breakfast cereal, mid Clinton V Trump and filled with the news that with Corbyn at the head of Labour we never see another Labour government for 20 years, things seem pretty grim. How the media loves to pump up that gloom and doom, even filling our heads with stories of how, for as little as £150,000, we could be the first to colonise Mars and save humanity.

What is there then to look forward to? Well plenty I reckon. Okay the world is getting warmer, people want to crack the Earth’s mantle here in Sussex to obtain natural gas and the prospect of Trump winning is almost too unbearable to even contemplate, but on the bright side…

No, I’m not struggling to find the bright side, there’s plenty going on that still puts a smile on my face, heartwarming stuff. I’m no sports lover but I could see how the Olympics made a lot of people very proud and very happy. Going higher/faster/closer does nothing for me, but seeing the pleasure it brings to others does.

Going faster does nothing for me

I can smile at how lucky I am to enjoy good food, simple or fine, it can all put a grin on my face. I can enjoy a good concert or a play and there is something heartening about a good book too. Even sitting here writing is a pleasure and seldom a chore.

Okay, I know that all these things can seem like life’s luxuries but is that true, or are we becoming too cynical to enjoy simple pleasures or is it that people now take pleasure from moaning and being down hearted.

A colleague once described me as being Pollyanna. Well If I am then I embrace my inner Pollyanna and hope that it reflects well on my approach to life. I’m not perfect, far far from it, and if I do moan from time to time then accept my apologies, we all need to let off steam, but for goodness sake, put a smile on it from time to time.

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