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Entertainment – Joe Fuller: Exclusive UK concert sees Nigel Kennedy & band reinterpreting the music of Jimi Hendrix

- November 22, 2016


I’ll admit to initially being curious rather than excited when hearing about Nigel Kennedy performing the music of Jimi Hendrix at Brighton Dome. Would it simply sound like a covers band, but with the added novelty of the world’s biggest selling violinist instead of a guitarist? Further investigation and YouTube video perusing has made me more excited about the show however.

Kennedy has reinterpreted Hendrix before (although this is an exclusive UK concert in his hometown) and the footage you can easily find online highlights how these improvisations or composed reinterpretations provide a distinctive musical experience in their own right.


A distinctive musical experience in its own right

Kennedy explains that “what attracts me to Jimi Hendrix’s music is the amazingly open mind that he had…. There were any number of influences that you can hear through his compositions; these ranged from rock, blues and Celtic through to trance and experimental styles….”. You can hear his passion for the openness and fluid musicianship of Hendrix’s work through his performances.

Some might only think of the hits when considering Hendrix’s oeuvre but give lectric Ladyland’ a spin to remind yourself of the hypnotic and fairly experimental side of his music. Kennedy will be performing ‘1983… (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)’ for example which is a lengthy, hazy number with striking stops and starts and an almost prog-like ambiance.

Kennedy will be joined by Robert Plant collaborator Doug Boyle, 18 year old guitar prodigy Julian Buschberger, vibraphonist Orphy Robinson and rhythm section Tomasz Kupiec and Adam Czerwinski. There will be acoustic and electric renditions so the concert should be varied and feature strong performances across the board. I’m looking forward to hearing some fresh reinterpretations of arguably the most unique guitarist of all time.

Nigel Kennedy plays Hendrix, Concert Hall, Brighton Dome, Friday 25 November
Tickets from £32, brightondome.org, 01273 709709

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