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Sleeping Beauty – Russian State Ballet & Opera Theatre of Astrakhan

- December 4, 2016

The ballet deals with this well-known story very efficiently. There among the glittering costumes and imposing sets, accentuated by Tchaikovsky’s effervescent score, all the elements of Perrault’s macabre tale are given the nod. They pass by quickly with elegant pantomime and some energetic display. The bad fairy and her cohorts are great fun, the others are very pretty, and Prince Désiré’s kiss saves the day. Then comes the best bit, the Epilogue after the wedding, when the principals present their art and it almost becomes a competition. This doubtless ignited the dancing ambitions of many a youngster in today’s audience.

Congress Theatre, Eastbourne, 2 December 2016
Rating: ★★★½☆
Andrew Connal

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