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Andy Garth: Which is more attractive?

- January 16, 2017

1 Garthy 2 Garthy

This week I am doing a proper ‘Now And Then’ – in fact a ‘Now, Then And Then Again’.

The first picture is the the beautiful building that you would have seen if you had walked out of today’s entrance of Brighton’s Town Hall in Market Street running through to Black Lion Street. It was the town’s Flower Market, which was a red brick ornate venue that sold all sorts of flora and fauna to the trades in the area, and was renowned for its quality and choice.

Now it closed in 1938, when all the flower sales were moved to Circus Street, but was not finally knocked down when the development of the new council offices and hotel.

My own personal memory is, when playing in bands in the late 70’s early 80’s, the area was a car park and every night whoever was playing at the Alhambra would load and unload before a gig.

It was the town’s Flower Market, which was a red brick ornate venue

Anyway I’m meandering, as happens to people of a certain age!

The second photo is the first incarnation of Bartholomew Square which when first build had a tea room type restaurant in the middle with shops around it.

Now here’s the ‘Then’ again but the shops never worked, and the council turned them back into offices, and the cafe became Moshimo – who may or may not build a super structure moving the city to a new era of modernism (for those of you who know me well please appreciate my sarcasm or maybe cynicism!)

If you want to see anything special or any requests for photos of anywhere in the city try and test me.

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