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Latest TV: Sophie Cook, Head of Latest LGBT+ TV, is happy to be busy

- February 6, 2017


Wow, what a ride this LGBT+ TV lark is, at some point I’m going to have to stop and take a breath. We’ve already created and launched the brilliant AK Soufflé with Andrew Kay and now we’re working on even more great programmes for you.

This week saw the first episode of my new chat show ‘Beyond The Rainbow’, anarchic, frequently rude and hopefully funny, it really is a side to me that you haven’t seen on the news.

As well as that I’m also tearing around the country performing my football duties as photographer at AFC Bournemouth and speaking at events up and down the country.

Anarchic, frequently rude and hopefully funny

I also had the great honour of being invited to the launch of LGBT History Month at the Houses of Parliament and even grabbed an exclusive interview for Latest LGBT+ TV with Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

With some great films, documentaries and entertainment coming up we’re really excited about what we’re trying to achieve with Latest LGBT+ TV.

Watch Sophie Cook’s Beyond The Rainbow every Thursday and Saturday at 9pm & midnight on Latest TV, Freeview 7, Virgin Media 159 &

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