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James Acaster – Recognise

- February 9, 2017

Opening the start of his ‘Trelogy’ tour, playing three award-nominated shows on three consecutive evenings in each venue of the tour – with a supporting set from Acaster himself before the billed show – was a treat for Acaster fans and the casual comedy-goer alike. Mixing mischief with make-believe, confidence with underdog, sparring gently with his audience in the warm-up – there’s a reason Acaster is so respected amongst his comedy peers. Acaster’s physical comedy is something of an extra pleasant surprise, allowing him to not only drawing us in to the alternative and deeply entertaining world he inhabits verbally, but with his entire body at times. A gentle but thoroughly nourishing night of comedy from a skilled entertainer – teasing us at the very end with easter egg promises of treats to come in the forthcoming nights’ shows. Delightful.

The Old Market, 7 February 2016
Rating: ★★★★½
Victoria Nangle

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