Friday, November 17

Candoco Dance Company

- February 20, 2017

The first half of Candoco Dance Company’s double bill (Alexander Whitley’s Beheld) was fantastic. A flashlight alien fabric section was a strange, beguiling spectacle and the dancers’ moves and jostling was enjoyably angular. Some disabled dancers also brought different types of movement to the stage (such as wheelchair manipulation) which was a refreshing change, highlighting the creative opportunities that a diverse range of performers can give you.

The second half (Hetain Patel’s Let’s Talk About Dis) lost me a bit however. There was some dance but most of the work revolved around the dancers discussing the company in a scripted, postmodern sort of way. It was funny, intelligent and thought-provoking at times, but the simple reality for this reviewer was that it was a missed opportunity to see more dance. Had it been the third work in a trilogy, it might have felt more a natural fit in a night of dance, but the double bill format mean that Let’s Talk About Dis felt a bit incongruous. A memorable performance overall, if a bit of a befuddling one.

Concert Hall, Brighton Dome, 20 February 2017
Rating: ★★★½☆
Joe Fuller

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