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Latest Bill: The plus side of Doris Day

- February 27, 2017


My sister was in Aldi putting her trolley away in the midst of the storm on Doris Day, an unfair name as Doris Day is such a heartwarming singer and not stormy at all! A gust of wind whistled up the alleyway and like Biggles, her scarf shot out at 90 degrees from her neck and smacked the lady next to her in the face. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry” my sister said. “Never mind” the lady replied, “it’s the weather. There’s only one thing to do on a day like today, go home and watch a film.”

“Oh and where do you watch that?”

“Oh we’re really lucky. Our local TV channel shows great films every day.”

That was Latest TV she was talking about and it’s nice when people say nice things about you! Later that day I was at David Bramwell’s weird and wonderful Catalyst Club and I overheard the woman next to me saying she watched Latest TV more than any of the other channels, because it’s more relevant to her. She wants to get the kids to whom she teaches writing onto TV to perform their poems. And guess what, she will!

We inform our Brighton community about all the best events to go to, and all the best houses and flats you can buy or let

Recently at Latest we’ve improved our social media and we now get to around 65,000 people with our tweets and posts daily. We try and inform all our Brighton community on @latestbrighton everything that’s worth knowing about Brighton. So all the best events to go to, all the nicest things you can do in this great city of ours and all the best houses and flats you can buy or let in Sussex. And if we can do anything to help make sure everybody gets to have a home, we will. Everyone deserves that security!

I often see people walking around carrying Latest Homes or Latest 7 and all our copies seem to disappear… it’s great to have started and still have such an amazingly popular LOCAL magazine that everyone here knows and reads. And to have grown that into a live venue and TV station (and now with an LGBT+ TV channel as well ) is something we’re all really proud of here.

Right got to go now, I’m going to watch Dulcima, an H E Bates film I recorded from Latest TV with John Mills and Carol White. Can’t wait for Laurence Olivier’s Richard The Third in March!

As Paul Simon said, “great to keep the customers satisfied”. But great also for us on the other side of the counter! 

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