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Latest TV: Our editor Joe Fuller rhapsodises about his weekly What’s On show: Brighton Lights

- March 6, 2017


I host a weekly show that airs every Sunday at 6.30pm on Latest TV and I’m really proud of it. In just a half-hour runtime I preview around 20 shows in and around Brighton, so I see it as a quick way to get some ideas for what you can do in the week. I include clips too to give you an idea of what to expect, and I’ve often seen the band, company, comedian or whoever before so I like to give my personal take on things whenever I can.

I cover Film, Music, Comedy, Events, Stage and Gaming/Technology and I really enjoy the eclecticism of the show, reflecting the diverse spirit of the arts around these parts. Tune in and you might see me excited about some opera, dance or a band I’ve seen before, showing a clip of a comedian, discussing some local children’s theatre, reviewing some games I’ve played recently and much more.

In a half-hour runtime I preview 20 shows in and around Brighton

It’s genuinely your show too though, and I regularly include suggestions from readers and colleagues as to what should be previewed. Email me at with the show’s information and ideally some sort of video link (high resolution images might suffice if you don’t have a video), and your show could well be previewed on TV.

Brighton Lights airs on Latest TV via Freeview 7, Virgin Media 159 or every Sunday at 6.30pm.
Sections from the show are also broadcast on Latest News every day.

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