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Eco Gym: How to help your body, your soul, and your environment – with every workout

- March 13, 2017


At Eco Gym they are challenging the way the fitness industry works. Most gyms allow the user to work out and that’s it. Eco Gym is the only UK gym to harness the power of your workout and redirect that energy back in to the grid. They are also the world’s first gym to be accredited by Green Circle for their energy-saving exploits and actively reducing their carbon footprint.

Paul Crane, the owner, is currently in Los Angeles at the World Trade Show presenting on his pioneering move to sustainable fitness and explaining how you too can help save the planet one workout at a time.

Eco Gym further their eco efforts by reducing waste and working in partnership with project pioneers like Surfers Against Sewage. At their sites they reduce the need for paper and create homemade cleaning solutions from natural products.

Currently only 25 opening offer memberships left with no joining fee

At Eco Gym they also understand that education is the best solution. They have no bins on-site and ask all staff and clients to recycle, reuse and take away any items they bring with them. All staff embrace the Eco Gym core values and mission statement: “Surfing the wave of sustainability through our members, staff and guests”. At Eco Gym they believe in “thinking globally and acting locally”.


Eco Gym currently have 25 opening offer memberships left for £29.95 per month and no joining fee. Eco Gym offer corporate discounts for the police, NHS, Local Authorities and the AMEX. On top of this they also offer stepped discounts for members that actively save energy through their workouts. Members will also benefit from free daily classes including Yoga, Surfset and HIIT. Whatever your goals, Eco Gym can help you achieve them. Eco Gym have a varied, friendly and well qualified team of professionals to help guide you on your journey.

Through your hard work and their passion they can help shape your future and the future of the fitness industry as we know it. Remember “Green is the New Lean”.

To sign up to one of the last 25 memberships on offer, go to www.eco-gym.co.uk/membership, call 01273 625577 or email info@eco-gym.co.uk


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