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- March 13, 2017


I’m going to start work very soon on a new newspaper show with my colleague and friend Sophie Cook. We have decided that it will be fun for the two of us to front the show with different guests each week. How dangerous can that be? Well I guess we will soon find out, I have already learnt that the “Sophie Cook Talks” brand is a lot to do with just how much the girl can talk, and boy can she talk, sorry, girl can she talk.

That has to be a good thing because I am fully aware that when it comes to yakking I could take several medals myself. So the two of us together, well let’s just wait and see, it could be explosive to say the least, and it does mean that we will have to find guests who can hold their own in a lively debate.

My hope is that it will be lively, a vibrant look at how the masses are being shown what is happening in the LGBT+ world. I say this because that world is represented from two very different viewpoints.

No more hearsay – it’s time for Queer-Say!

The mainstream press are too often drawn to showing the bad news, sensational stories about things that are going wrong. The LGBT+ press can be as easily criticised for looking at the world through those very rose tinted glasses that we all know about. And of course there are all of the stories that don’t get covered at all. For how many years did we see the local TV media give cursory or even no coverage to Brighton’s Pride events? Literally thousands of men and women thronging the streets in celebratory mood, but would you know by turning on the telly? Would you cocoa!

The new show will not just focus on local stories but will take a look at what is happening on a global scale. There’s plenty to talk about here in the UK, but we have achieved at least some kind of level of equality. In some countries things are grim, very grim indeed. Men and women are still being victimised and punished for their sexual preferences, in some places even executed or as I see it murdered. How often do you see this reported in the popular media? Not often, far from it, they seem to think that we are more interested in a Kardashian face-lift or bum tuck! Well most of us couldn’t give a tuck! We want to know more and that will be our task, to open up the debate, bring video footage and print stories to the table and thrash them around. No more hearsay, it’s time for Queer-Say!

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