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Latest TV: Behind the scenes of lifesaving research

- March 13, 2017


To celebrate British Science Week (March 10th – March 19th), Latest TV ventured into numerous laboratories at the University of Sussex to spotlight groundbreaking research carried out by our local scientists, many of whom are also nationally and internationally renowned.

Dr Ruth Murrell-Lagnado is an Ion Channel Pharmacologist whose biochemical work aids in drug design, to make drugs work more effectively in a range of diseases.

Dr Helfrid Hochegger works in the Genome Damage and Stability Centre investigating how cells actually divide and proliferate to inform the fight against cancer. 

We can’t pretend we understood everything that Dr Hazel Cox was telling us about how applied quantum chemistry improves scientific methods but her work is most certainly groundbreaking. She lost me at Schrodinger’s Equation.

We were introduced to thousands of large woodland ants

More focussed concentration with Professor Anthony Moore whose team is harnessing a protein to improve crop yields and combat disease. All life-saving stuff worthy of Nobel Prizes.

And finally we strolled out with scientist Alexander Dewar whose bio-inspired robotic machines uses ants and bees as models for navigation.  

Latest TV gets to see some incredible scenes behind the scenes, and we were introduced to thousands of large woodland ants whose patterns of activity are studied in minute detail.

These scientists, in one way or another, can all be called lifesavers, and we salute them!

This week we will be featuring their work within Latest News (6pm and 8.30pm every day), showcasing a different research project each day.

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