Saturday, October 21

Medea Electronica

- March 17, 2017

Reimagining the Greek tragedy wherein a spurned lover exacts revenge on those who have wronged her for Thatcher’s brutally materialistic eighties, Pecho Mama’s inspired production elegantly blurred the boundaries between classical theatre, interpretative dance and live synth gig. Mella Faye Punchard, our struggling housewife heroine, was nothing short of mesmerising as the human embodiment of a live concept album, emotion seeping out of every pore and literally bleeding for the role. Chaos ensued as Goldfrapp-esque electronics throttled the audience and some haunting visuals left the lasting impression of a bold creative talent and that rarest of things: something genuinely new.

The Old Market, 16 March 2017
Rating: ★★★★☆
Nick Aldwinckle

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