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Believing in a bigger bang

Across the world, people have many different beliefs about how the world began. Some ask: Where did Earth come from? How did it begin? Or what is this idea of a ‘big bang’?

The ‘big bang’ theory has divided people’s opinion about how the world began. It’s a common thought that someone has created everything, and that someone is often thought of as a God. I passionately believe in the ‘big bang’ creation story. Due to scientific and natural purposes, the Earth was produced. Yet 60% of people in a class poll of students disagreed.


Scientists have said that this ‘creation theory’ is the most credible idea yet for the Earth’s beginning. Technology nowadays has more complexity than 4.54 billion years ago (when the world was created) and technology is an evolutionary human creation.

I actually believe God is human, so he can’t have created Earth and its life and surroundings. Additionally, the existences of stars, planets and more, I think, have been produced by a vast event, not by one hand. Other than for natural purposes, how else could the ‘bang’ happen?

We might have to accept we’ll never know

Other people believe, for religious purposes, that Earth was made by God and that everything, big or small, is created by someone: referring to the ‘first creator theory’. Also, they challenge: where and why did the explosion take place? How can it create LIFE? Even some scientists ask these questions and don’t believe in the theory of the ‘big bang.’

However, the scientists that do believe in the ‘big bang’ theory have evidence on their side: telescopes, history and past discoveries. This leads me onto the question: is Earth’s creation just a one-off happening?

Despite the two arguments, its people will always have varying beliefs about different things. Six out of ten students in our class, who disagree about the ‘big bang’, say that the name, ‘bang’ is not the appropriate word and that it means to destroy and not to produce, whilst the other four argue that it may have destroyed some things but has made another within the process.

On the other hand, others say that these natural wonders have been created over time and natural events. What do you think? Are we meant to have the answers? Maybe it is the questions that keep us going in being human and we might have to accept we’ll never know while we’re living in the middle of it.

Nine students from Portslade Aldridge Community Academy have been writing their own articles about something that matters to them, as part of Little Green Pig’s weekly after-school Tuesday club. For more info about the projects being set up for young writers across the city, go to

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