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Mix it up: Brighton Cocktail Week is next month and there’s no better time to indulge in the best drinks the city has to offer, says Andrew Kay

- April 18, 2017


I’ve drunk daiquiris in Den Haag, vodka martinis in Vegas, vespers in Vancouver, sours in Sweden, manhattans in Marrakech and bellinis in Bruxelles… it’s oh so nice to go travelling, but it’s so much nicer coming home, and in my view Brighton is the home of the modern cocktail.

Yes I’ve travelled a lot and yes I love a cocktail, well I love a few cocktails. On my travels I love to hit the most fashionable bars, try their drinks and talk to the bar people, and you would be amazed at how many not only know about Brighton’s cocktail scene but some have even worked here or been trained by some of the city’s best cocktail makers. To say that Brighton is the hub of the cocktail scene might sound like we’re a small city punching above its weight but the evidence is out there, just waiting for you to try it.

And now is the right time with the start of Brighton Cocktail Week, a new event that promises to leave the city both stirred and shaken. For the first time Mixology Group and Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival are teaming up to offer Brighton Cocktail Week. Using their established relationships with the food and drink industry in the city and beyond they are planning to bring more attention to the art of cocktail-making and some of the great venues and cocktail bar staff in the city. By purchasing a wristband for just £10 you will be able to purchase cocktails for the bargain price of £5 from over 30 venues across the city. You will also have access to some great events and promotions.

Each of the sponsors has chosen a classic cocktail for every venue to twist and put their own stamp on.

The cocktails are as follows:

Jim Beam Double Oak Bourbon – Old Fashioned
Absolut Vodka – Espresso Martini
Havana Club Rum – Daiquiri
Blackdown will be launching a new Gin – Gin Collins
Cazcabel Tequila – Margarita
And Fentimans will be launching a new range of syrups, The House of Broughton will bring us cucumber, raspberry, ginger, elderflower and rose syrups for each bar to help them with their twist creations.

With such a diverse range of venues we’re looking forward to seeing the twists each will add, from Oki Nami bar with a Japanese twist, Agua Dulce – Spanish, Bus Stop Caribbean, to the Queen Vic in Rottingdean who are looking to add an ingredient from the Southdowns National Park to each of their cocktails.

Zoe from Mixology Group says:”Brighton has such an amazing cocktail scene that it deserves to be shouted about. I really wanted to use this week to bring people away from their usual haunts and drinks and to try something new. We have a great sponsor from each spirit category so there is bound to be something for everyone. This year has been a big year for us with the launch of our new mixology bar school, we are seeing more venues invest in training their bar staff and this is in turn raising the level of service and great drinks on offer.”

Lets face it, if anyone should know about good cocktails it’s the Mixology Group team. 2017 has seen them gain accreditation for their bespoke bar courses and can offer classes for the home enthusiast, people looking to get into the industry, or to established bartenders looking to add to their skill set.

To purchase your cocktail week wristband please go to:
For more info on Mixology Group Courses go to:

Participating bars:

Bar 55
Lucky voice
Oki Bar
Twisted Lemon
Queen Vic
Salt Rooms
Coal Shed
Terre e Terre
Bus Stop
Plotting Parlour
The Jetty
Chilli Pickle
Cocktail Shack
Aqua Dulce
The Grand
The Windmill
Smokey Joes
The Richmond Bar
Brighton Rocks
The Gin Tub

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