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Latest Bill: Talking about Brighton also means festivals

- April 24, 2017


You might have noticed that that’s not me (Bill) in the column photograph again! Clearly Brighton is a cosmopolitan city, which I argued last week, since I’ve heard that locals enjoyed reading our Belgian intern/language school student Linh’s column in the previous issue. We had such a good response that I’ve let her take over this week too…

“Brighton is really well known for its Pier, quirky fashion and starving seagulls. Although, one huge event is just around the corner: Brighton Festival! We are all hopping up and down with impatience for that bunch of events going through Brighton town.


“Brighton is welcoming artists from all around the world who are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. Of course, one festival is certainly not enough… that is the reason why two of Brighton festival are being set up in May.

Art is everything, life, happiness, what you can share, what you can see and make others see

“There is the Brighton Fringe which offers all sorts of shows and events. Ranging from comedy to dance and including music or family picnics, there is going to be something for everyone. Furthermore, Brighton Fringe is collaborating with Amsterdam fringe this year. What an opportunity for a Dutch learning speaker to become, at least, bilingual and to discover Netherlands’ lifestyle.

“As far as the other festival is concerned, the Dome and other places are going to get busy. There is going to be more and more entertainment for the enjoyment of young and old alike! With a lovely theme this year: ‘Everyday Epic’, Brighton Festival should turn every aesthete out.

“Art is everything, life, happiness, what you can share, what you can see and make others see. Art is being interpreted with different points of view and the opportunity to share those thoughts is coming very soon. So, start thinking about if food is art or not, get your nicest picnic napkin out and be ready for the Brighton biggest event of the year!”

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