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Khalil: Are you getting the best deal from your letting agent?

- May 22, 2017


The right fit

It’s a fact: not all letting agents are the same. At Khalil’s we can make a very big difference to your experience of letting, whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

Khalil’s Tenant Reward Scheme
At Khalil’s we believe that good tenants deserve to be rewarded. They deserve extra services like cleaning and gardening, they should pay reduced letting fees and leave lower deposits, and, most importantly of all, they should benefit from a cash sum at the end of their tenancy if they pay their rent on time.

And that is not a deal you are probably getting from your current letting agent.

Go ahead, ask them why not!

Khalil’s Rent Guarantee Scheme
We also believe that landlords should get great returns on their investments, but their experience should be stress-free and void-free.

We will pay landlords rent every single month regardless of whether their property is occupied or not, and it’s totally our responsibility to maintain and fill their house or flat.

And that’s not a deal you were offered by your current letting agent, is it?

Maybe you too should ask them why not!

Khalil’s is a letting agent that both landlords and tenants love
We get such great properties to let because landlords know we will handle everything for them and pay them rent every single month of the year.

And we get such good tenants to move in because we reward them, and we make finding, arranging and living in a rental property simple.

Our Tenant Reward Scheme ensures rental properties are well cared for and that tenants are happy in them and encouraged to act responsibly. It costs each tenant £20 a month to join, and they must take out tenant liability insurance to signal their good intentions.

We then include utility bills (including broadband) in their rent to make things easy, and offer a fortnightly cleaning and gardening service to ensure it is a pleasure to live in the property, and that it remains well looked after.

What’s more we waive many letting fees that other agents charge, and we fund a reward for good tenants, with a 10% discount on their rent at the end of their tenancy, as long as payments have been made on time.

This means we encourage only good tenants to rent the property we manage for you. It also means that there are many perks that are available to tenants living in our properties, so people tend to stay longer and live happier.

And that is good news for everyone!

Are you getting the best deal?
If you are a landlord and would like to chat about how we can guarantee your rent and take away the burden from letting your property, give us a call to find out about the difference that Khalil’s can make.

If you are a tenant and would like to find out about our Tenant Reward Scheme, and benefit from cleaning services, reduced fees and a cash reward at the end of your tenancy, then speak to us (or ask us for some information you can show to your current landlord).

After all, at Khalil’s we offer both landlords and tenants a very good deal.

And that’s how we are different.

For more information about Khalil’s Tenant Reward Scheme or Khalil’s Rent Guarantee Scheme call Ahmed Khalil on 01273 573690, mobile 07984015669, email, visit Khalil Properties at 124 Lewes Road, Brighton BN2 3LG or find us online at

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