Thursday, July 16

The Staves

- June 12, 2017

Mistresses of close harmony, The Staves, have been touring with talented harp playing visionary Mikaela Davis – check out the track ‘My Light Is Always On’ for a treat. Delicious!
Their latest album, ‘If I Was’, sees The Staves pushing out into new territory, deeply informed by their folk roots and traditions, but playfully exploring the possibilities of the art form too. They arranged the material in such a way as to bring on a series of build and release cycles within each track, which left the audience captivated. An intimate unaccompanied vocal encore showed the sheer power contained in the beautifully balanced trio of their voices woven and raised together. 

The Old Market, 9 June 2017
Rating: ★★★★☆
Enna Andrews

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