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Pam Ann: Touch Trolley Run To Galley

- June 13, 2017

The last time I saw Pam Ann was some 20 years ago, a quick-fire 15 minute set, in a nightclub, so I wondered how she could singlehandedly command a show for two hours. Scanning the audience – a conservative looking bunch, a mix of both sexes, with the majority aged over 40. I felt cheered when I spotted a chap attired in a leopard print top at the bar ordering a bottle of prosecco and two double Malibu and Cokes. That’s the spirit.

The introductory showreel eased us in before she came on and launched straight into her act. Four members of the audience were pulled up on stage and here the comedienne shone – fast thinking, quick witted banter with her subject matter varying but of course including a large slice of all things to do with airlines and airports. Utterly un PC, raucously filthy, the delighted squeals and occasional gasps of – did she really say that? – from the audience, it’s classic Pam Ann.

Her filmed parody of The Great British Bake Off was pure comic genius, refreshingly obscene. Act two brought on the infamous trolley – but no Touch Trolley routine, instead an inspired pastiche on Trolley Dolleys.

To sum up, those two hours shot by, would I fly Pam Ann airlines again? Absolutely!

12 May

Theatre Royal Brighton

Nathalie Gomez de Vera

Rating: ★★★★★

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