Thursday, September 24

Starlet’s Burlesque Show

- June 26, 2017

The fabulous Dawn Gracie hostessed a non stop fun packed evening of glamorous burlesque, comedy, music and cabaret literally setting off the fire alarm the show was so hot. Drag queen Cherry Liquor opened the show with the first of her two acts, a hilariously camp take on Maggie Thatcher. Award winning artiste Jolie Papillion and Isabella Bliss both amazing showgirls tantalised and tittivated everyone in the audience with their glamorous burlesque routines. Talented songstress Kiki Deville entertained with her funny renditions of Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ and a friendly little cat ‘Sore Pussy’. The audience participated in the acts wholeheartedly throughout the evening making it a very intimate, funny and engaging show. No burlesque virgins were left in the house. The show may be at the end of the pier but it’s better than Broadway.

Worthing Pier Southern Pavilion, 23 June 2017

Rating: ★★★★☆

Lesley Lawrence

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