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Andy Garth: Building work

- August 30, 2017

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As some of you drive past the huge building works at the hospital, let’s not forget that over the years there has probably always been some large development going on in the town that has caused major inconvenience that we’ve moaned and groaned about. And then… hey presto it’s finished and the new bit is there and we forget very quickly what a pain it was for all that time.

Well, the photos this week are of Western Road Brighton. The first is from the 1950s/60s of the south side of the road which was demolished for Churchill Square. In my head I can see and hear them gesticulating at the shops opposite and saying: “now you will know what it’s like to have to clean your windows every day while all this building work goes on – hah!”.

North side of Western Road being demolished

Sorry, but that’s just in my mind, but I’m sure you will get the context when you see the second photo of the north side of Western Road being demolished in the 1930s for the widening of the road and the new super sized shops (including M & S, Freeman and Hardy Willis) that were the newer and much bigger opposition to the still small and local traders on the south side.

So the moral of this week’s column… don’t worry, time flies and you will have forgotten that the pavement outside the old hospital buildings, is apparently out of use till 2020!

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