Thursday, June 4

Pete Fij & Terry Bickers

- August 31, 2017

With years of experience in successful indie bands, the ex-Creation artists have joined forces and played tonight in support of their second album ‘We Are Millionaires’. Fijalkowski on acoustic, took care of lead vocals and banter aided with aplomb by Bickers’ semi-acoustic solos and harmonies on a set of very dark material, taking in subjects from lying to lovers and unfulfilled dreams to dealing with grief. Often sounding like a Rodriguez-led Velvets, Fij’s natural aura of sadness defined the melancholy songs that were infused with a defiant resilience. They ended with a classic Clash cover, stripped back to an Everly’s whisper. Simply gorgeous.

Rialto Theatre, 30 August 2017
Rating: ★★★★½
Steve Clements

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