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Protest Planned at Thomas Cook over SeaWorld Controversy

- September 13, 2017

Recently, PETA hijacked the Thomas Cook float at the Manchester Pride Parade, protesting the sale of holidays to SeaWorld and for ‘dragging its feet’ in animal welfare concerns. Despite the charity’s ‘National Day of Action for Captive Orcas’ being on the 9th of September, there are regular demonstrations outside of Thomas Cook shops across the UK. SeaWorld has become notorious for its ill treatment of dolphins and whales in captivity; as shown in a documentary called Blackfish, available on Netflix.

A spokesperson for Thomas Cook has said that the company is evaluating all animal excursions, but has not mentioned whether or not SeaWorld has already been audited.

“We are the first organisation to remove animal excursions from sale as the direct result of auditing against independent welfare standards and we are widely recognised as one of the most progressive businesses on animal welfare in our industry, so it’s surprising that PETA has chosen to target us in this way.

“By the end of 2017, around two-thirds of the animal-related excursions we offer to our customers will have been audited. We expect to complete all audits by the end of 2018. Last year we removed 16 of 25 attractions that did not meet independent welfare standards. So far this year, 12 attractions are on notice to improve their animal welfare arrangements or face Thomas Cook removing them from sale.

“We are taking our policy to raise animal welfare standards very seriously so that our customers can be confident in all of the trips that they take when on holiday with us.”

Sussex Vegan Activists have planned their next demonstration in Brighton on the 23rd of September outside of Thomas Cook on North Street.

By Jodie Allan

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