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Dua Lipa

- October 6, 2017

Dua Lipa. It’s not a name many people are familiar with, but the British-Albanian singer has recently risen to fame with a selection of huge pop hits, most notably ‘New Rules’ and ‘Hotter Than Hell’. Dua strolled on stage, and kicked off the performance with her hit song ‘Hotter Than Hell’, from here, she went on to perform a mix of upbeat and downbeat songs (No Lie, Lost In Your Light) nailing every single one. Her voice is faultless and could easily fill any stadium. The lighting adapted to each song; strobe lights and pulsating soft glows.

One of the most notable things as a member of the crowd, when she performed some of her lesser-known songs, the audience still sang along. Most probably because Dua is so captivating. She is definitely new to the world of performing, as came through as we felt the vastness of the empty parts of the stage. You really had to lock onto her to keep your eyes from wandering to the emptiness elsewhere.

There were a few standout moments. She stripped it back to just her and her guitarist, Kai, mesmerising everyone with a simplified version of ‘Thinking Bout’ You’. She moved on to shock the audience by sitting on the barrier, holding people’s hands, and singing one of her first songs ‘New Love’ directly to them. I’ve seen many performances, and I’ve never seen anyone get so close and personal. A very heartfelt moment.

Incredible vocals, unique and masterful pop songs, and a captivating personality. Dua is a star in the making.

Brighton Dome, 5 October 2017
Rating: ★★★★½
Kyle Moon

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