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Khalil: 15 housing ministers in the last 20 years: it’s no wonder landlords are struggling to keep up

- December 4, 2017

Legislation for the future

How many times have you heard the government proclaim that housing is its number one priority?

The state of Britain’s housing market was branded a “national outrage” when the Conservative’s unveiled the latest set of plans to fix things.

Yet we don’t expect any housing minister to be too outraged for too long.

There have been 15 housing ministers in the last 20 years. You don’t last long in this job, and certainly not long enough to be held accountable for the rhetoric you spout and the policies you initiate.

Which leads you to wonder: if housing is so important to the government, why has not one of these 15 ministers been in the cabinet?

They are conspicuous by their absence.

And it has been noted.

Changing times and changing policies
Of course, it’s not just the faces that change but the proposals and policies.

A raft of legislation currently hangs over landlords’ heads and this, along with fears over Brexit, has led to the lowest confidence in the future that landlords have ever had.

Each legislative change will tweak the profitability of their investments. And, it’s fair to say, usually for the worst.

But, when you are faced with multiple major changes, it becomes almost impossible to prepare. You simply don’t know what the knock-on effects are going to be.

And, you don’t need to be a businessperson to know that uncertainty leads to bad decisions.

Each one of these bullet-pointed changes is like a shot in the dark that will wildly ricochet around the sector.
• Section 24’s stamp duty relief reductions
• More stringent borrowing from the Prudential Regulation Authority
• A touted regulatory body for landlords
• A Letting Fees ban
• Safety regulation with many more teeth
• New energy efficiency rules
• Tougher requirements for Section 21 notices
I’ll stop there – but there are many more.

Is there a safe bet for landlords?
In times of uncertainty it is good to know that there is a safe house for landlords.

Khalil’s Rent Guarantee Scheme will pay you an agreed rent on your property, whether it is occupied or not. This amount will not be altered by the addition of new hoops to jump through or by the challenges of changing market conditions.

Your rent is guaranteed.

We take care of maintenance and tenant relations. We ensure your property is compliant. You can now watch with an amused smile as the latest housing minister replaces the last and grabs his moment of fame on the podium.

You know that nothing changes when you’re with our Rent Guarantee Scheme.

Isn’t that refreshing?

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