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- December 11, 2017

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Now I was shown this first photo last week which confirms that the City has and always will be a ‘fashionable’ place to live and visit and of course sell your wares. The shop on the left is an early branch of what became a 70s icon, Biba, which once occupied a building in Queens Road.

The strange thing was that in the news recently a photo of visiting football fans was taken of them chanting from this exact same place, and if Biba had still been there they would have been safe as they said supporters (not the right word but this is a family magazine) only wear black darling!

The next photo is a bit of self-promotion as it’s my shop in Western Road, Hove.

I just thought I would add it as so many people come in the shop and say: “oh, this is where you are – I don’t visit this area very often.” Well let me tell you, this end of town is bustling with lots of small local and independent traders so pop along and see us. Go on, don’t be a Western Road Brighton-only visitor!

An early branch of what became a 70s icon, Biba

The final photo is something I bought this week which reminds us of how in the old days, hotels were proud of their own name and very local. This is a silver-plated serving bowl from the Kings Hotel in Brighton, when all the cutlery and crockery were emblazoned with the hotel name and you knew where you were.

I’m sure it still goes on but this item just took me back to how it must of been on your holidays to our beautiful city.

Hopefully more next week but if you have anything unusual hiding in your drawers (sorry couldn’t resist a bit of seaside humour) you can come and see me in the shop which during December is open Mondays to Saturday or email me:


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