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Khalil: What do landlords feel about mandatory checks on electrical installations?

- December 11, 2017

Khalil on electrical checks

Will England soon see regular electrical checks for all landlords?

The government has been strongly urged to introduce mandatory five-year checks on electrical installations for private landlords in England.

A working group on electrical safety has recently concluded that every private landlord should have a legally defined responsibility to check electrical installations in their properties at least every five years.

The group, chaired by officials from the Department for Communities and Local Government, consisted of members from interest groups such as ARLA Propertymark and the Residential Landlords Association.

It argued that the private rental sector should be brought into line with current regulations that govern the letting of Houses of Multiple Occupation.

The tragic background
Forming the tragic background to these concerns are the events at Grenfell House.

Safety campaigners called on the government to take immediate action. Phil Buckle, chief executive at Electrical Safety First, was among them.

He commented that:
“Grenfell House made it clear that more has to be done in order to protect people who are living in rented accommodation.

“Currently, there is an ‘expectation’ on landlords to keep electrical installations safe, but no legal obligation. This means that the electrics and appliances contained within rented properties could go unchecked for many years, presenting a serious risk of fire.”

The proposed changes are in line with legislation that has already been instituted in Scotland and is currently being introduced in Wales.

Landlords’ response
Many landlords I spoke to felt that such checks were part of what they carry out anyway as best practice.

“As a landlord I do not have any real problems with electrical checks at five-year intervals. I do this anyway. It’s always amazed me that it’s not mandatory: it’s a no-brainer.”

Others agreed, commenting that they had larger concerns at the moment, that included the selective licensing being introduced by some councils.

And others expressed support that was tempered by concerns about exactly how the checks would be evaluated.

“The trouble with the ESC is that they update their regulations so often that, unless you’ve had a new metal cased consumer unit fitted within the last 12 months, your system may well fail the inspection.”

And some pointed out that it was just the private rented sector that was being targeted.

“Why single out private landlords? Any additional regulation should be applied equally to social housing as well.”

More checks or more rent cheques?
Of course, these checks are just one among the many requirements that private landlords must meet.

In recent years landlords have felt like they are running on a treadmill of changing regulations – and, as a result, that they are not really getting anywhere.

But, there is an easier way.

Khalil’s Rent Guarantee Scheme will pay you an agreed rent every single month (regardless of whether your property is occupied or not).

And we will take full responsibility for managing your tenants, your property and its compliance with each new regulation that is introduced.

So, you can forget about the checks, but keep receiving the cheques.

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