Louis Michael: Thoughts on the nature of spirituality


Why is it that even though humans have developed such impressive emotional intelligence we continually disregard the emotions of others and fail to connect with emotions of those we do not know? I would argue it is because our spirituality is severely broken. 

When I say spirituality I do not refer to organised religion or belief in any God. No, I am referring to the holistic understanding of spirituality as the interconnectedness of all things. I realise that may be a lot to take in, so let me backtrack a little.

When the agricultural revolution began approximately 10,000 years ago we left our natural environment. The history books may state that this is the point at which humanity moved into the beginnings of city living, but it was also the point at which we moved into our minds. Before this, when we still lived in nature our basic spiritual needs were addressed by our connection to mother earth, nature, and the greater spiritual universal reality. However, moving into cities brutally severed this connection. But humanity was still left with the same spiritual and mental needs! Therefore, as seen by the age of enlightenment and humanity’s obsessive self-aggrandizement, we combatted this vacancy by filling it with human rationality and logic. But evidence and explanation pale in the face of the grand cosmic questions ‘why am I here?’ and ‘what is the meaning of life?’.

We are still as distraught and discontent as ever, only now we’re confused on top of everything else because we cant seem to understand why we aren’t happy.

When we learn to reconnect with our inner spirituality we will be able to emotionally connect with our external reality.

When we learn to reconnect with our inner spirituality the world around us will change drastically resultantly. We will no longer be apathetic to our fellow human because we will recognise that we are all one in the same, the same energy divided into separate human forms.

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