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Andy Garth says: It’s TWO words, right

- January 8, 2018


Welcome back from all the fun and frivolity… now the rant!

The first picture is of a small portion of my bestselling 1830 map of Brighton (copy) which was hand-coloured and presents a beautiful image of our town around the time of some serious developments. One of these was Kemp Town named after its principal developer and land owner Thomas Kemp, who was also involved in various other major new builds at this period of time. So to all you lovely people who persist in writing ‘Kemptown’ – You are wrong, it’s TWO words it’s KEMP TOWN… unless you are referring to it as it’s parliamentary name, which some lazy blighter decided is one word. Well, he obviously didn’t come from round here and thought it was like Kempton the racecourse.


And relax, rant over but I’m still watching for you, making the error, and will be making a note.

A fantastic map was given to me in the shop

Anyway, a fantastic map was given to me in the shop which I had to share with you. I have shown – or as the map says ‘Shewing’ – in the two other photos something from 1825 which was part of the planning details sent to Brighton’s then planning department (that might be a bit of a guess) – the people who had to check these things out in those days (probably the Town Commissioners), and it has the proposed Brunswick Town development in context to the western part of Brighton.


I photographed the wording as it was interesting to note that the Lanes area was regarded as “The Ancient part of the Town of Brighton”, and trying to work out why they randomly used the ‘f’ shape for an ‘s’ in the word progress.

It just shows there is still some fantastic Brighton and Hove treasure out there which we all would love to see. So as always, if you have anything let me know at Brightonandhovestuff@gmail.com

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