From the editor: New romantic


What is romance? There’s a stumper. I hadn’t realised but Valentine’s is only three weeks away. Not that I’m making lots of big plans, but it I did think it was an interesting thing to consider before all the pink hearts erupted over the shop windows.

I think romance is the little things between those a-courting (or co-habiting, romance isn’t just for the freshly blooming lovers). It’s picking up a matchbook on your first date and using those matches to light a future candlelit dinner. Turning up for a walk on the beach together with enough snacks and drinks for two. And an extra jumper, just in case the wind picks up.

Romance is listening and remembering. It’s bespoke and tailored, and it’s reciprocal too! Anyone who would like to be romanced should perhaps remember to prepare some romancing of their own. We’re not in an 80s movie prom scene here, anyone and everyone deserves their own corsage, and going Dutch shares the opportunity to treat each other.

An ex flatmate of mine used to receive a dozen red roses every week from her then-boyfriend. It was a bit of Disney-style magic to start off with, but the routine of it soon gathered a tarnish to a lovely initial thought. She shared that, actually, she preferred the daisies picked up en route to our home when the two of them were walking home, to the flashy ruby red petals that arrived like clockwork every Tuesday. They’d just lost their romance.

So, as Valentine’s peeks over the horizon of our diaries, I’d like to encourage everyone to enjoy a little spontaneity and remember the anonymous cards that sparked thrills in the schoolyard. It’s that personal touch, that happy surprise, that can romance us all.

Victoria Nangle

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