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Andy Garth: When bands were bands!

- March 19, 2018


Some quirky yet topical stuff this week. A poster blank from the 1950s which was used by Brighton Corporation (council to you and I) Entertainments Department, which meant something completely different to the entertainment they provide for us today!

It’s an original item which was used to advertise proper bands, who would be playing at somewhere like the Pavilion Gardens or the Bandstand or any other council venue.

One of the bands was probably the Brighton Municipal Orchestra, which are shown in the next photo of a Palace Pier (Brighton) program from 1917. Three times a day including Sundays they were there “by arrangement with the Brighton Corporation”.

An original item which was used to advertise proper bands


I loved the description of the Pier, which I hadn’t seen before, stating: “The Pier of many shelters. Comfort in all weathers”, which is highly topical. The Brighton Pier owners of today are updating lots of aspect of the Pier to give it more potential as a venue, as seen by the Brighton Fringe launch a couple of weeks ago showing that it’s not just a tourist venue – it’s moving with the times.

The final photo is another Palace Pier program from 1904 announcing another proper band – as in Karl Laps’ famous Military Band – playing every evening and three matinees (great word for the afternoon which is highly underused in my opinion), in the theatre which is no longer there but nevertheless bands seemed to find very popular.

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