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So who here likes crystals? Do you believe in them? Do you find solace in the myriad spiritual affinities and uses ascribed to these countless coloured rocks? Or do you think they’re just another facet of new age spiritualism draining dry the money of those looking for some new quick fix? Either way, you have to admit that they’re pretty to look at.

As I write this I’m sat at my desk where two chunks of amethyst sit beside a rose quartz and a citrine. Amethyst is for wisdom, rose quartz is for love, and citrine is for happiness; a little collection I put together to help me with the stress of uni work. So if you haven’t already guessed, I’m a believer. And in Brighton we’re not hard to find. Here in our hippy city we’re blessed with more than one crystal shop (which can’t be said for most other cities) and I’ve spent more than I might like to admit on amassing a collection of crystals that I’m rather proud of indeed. But sometimes I find myself wandering into the realms of the disbelievers.

Often I’ll pick one up at random and expect a wave of energy to surge through my body and instantly revitalise me, and when that doesn’t happen (not to say that it’s never happened) I have to confess that I am left a tad disappointed. But just as Christians don’t test their god, neither do I test my little helpers. Instead I restore my faith by reminding myself of all the fascinating research being done on crystals. Scientific fact dictates that every thing in existence emits a frequency, not the kind that we can hear but the kind we can feel. This research goes on to suggest that crystals are unique in that they emit special frequencies that resonate with our bodies and can be used for beneficial healing means. Isn’t that such an exciting thought!?

Even if you are still skeptical, just knowing that there’s some small scientific validation, however early stages, means crystals are already head and shoulders above most of the other more sketchy items being flogged as cure-alls.

So treat yourself to a crystal! Carry it round in your pocket and give it and rub and see if it helps you through your day.

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