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Andy Garth: Compensation

- April 16, 2018


Believe it or not there are loads of people interested in trams!

Brighton had a fantastic tram service from 1901 till 1939 and they all terminated at the Lewes Road depot that is still used as a bus depot today.

So imagine my joy when I picked up the book as seen in the photo.


It’s the Accident claim book for the period 1926-1932 and includes every minor and major incident involving a tram car across the town, from torn coats and minor bumps to quite big accidents.

Every minor and major incident involving a tram car across the town

The incident I have found seemed the most compensated within the book.


I know there are four pictures this week, but it tells a great story with the news cutting from the local paper about a runaway tram in Ditchling Road on 3rd October 1930, and the names in the article match the names on the compensation note in the book.

I love putting jigsaws like this together, and this is the stuff I like buying as it’s real social history and actually happened here in Brighton and Hove.


We are now putting our May Auction together so if you have anything let me know.

Any more info needed on these please let me know

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