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John Robins: The Darkness Of Robins

- April 19, 2018

A sold out show, added onto the tour after the official Brighton date in February sold out speedily too, John Robins’ not only has the co-winner of the Edinburgh Award 2017 as his show here, but also fans who already adored him as a comedian and podcaster. Throw into the mix a surprise support turn from his podcast co-host Elis James and there really wasn’t anything this man could do wrong.
Not that he did. Deftly combining a remarkable depth of self-loathing with articulate self-awareness, the biting cutting lines reached in and pulled the laughs from deep within before you had a chance to consider the pain from which they were sourced. Chiefly draped over the carcass of his last relationship’s ending, despite the almost callous disregard he has for his own self in it all Robins’ delicate and respectful love for his ex – ‘love’ is wanting what will make the subject of your love happy – is touching and saves a quiet moment for the soul. The Darkness Of Robins is that he can source the very best laughs from the cruelist of places, with himself the persistent punchline. The light is there too.

Komedia, 17 April 2018
Rating: ★★★★★
Victoria Nangle

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