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Daniel Yates named new Labour Leader for Brighton & Hove City Council

- April 23, 2018

Councillor Dan Yates has been named the new Labour Leader on Brighton & Hove City Council.

This follows the Labour AGM where Warren Morgan officially resigned from his role.

Yates will also take over as Council Leader on May 17th when Morgan resigns from that post.

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  1. May 17, 2018 by Penelope Lloyd

    At the end of Dan Yates address he says ‘ everyone deserves a brilliant family life’ Maybe so but over a third of Brighton and Hove residents are in single person households, 36.4 % , national average is 30.2 %.See B&H council stats based on 2011 census. I wonder what he means by family ? Fifteen years ago I moved to the City when my family of origin permanently rejected me because of my sexuality, I was seeking a ‘ family of choice ‘, a phrase coined by the LGBT community.
    You talk of the urgent need for better affordable housing, and health and social care needs, and the need for collaborative partnerships,with the City and its strengh in innovation.
    Have you taken into account the demographics, in your enthusiasm for ‘brilliant family life’?

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