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No Fit State Circus: Lexicon

- May 4, 2018

In recent years the re-emergence of circus skills has flooded the scene – and much of it is extraordinarily good. But often something seems to be lacking and that thing is humour and dare I say it charm. I often leave feeling stressed from the over-emphasis on jeopardy, and stomach churning fear.

Not so with Lexicon, this is an evening of pure delight. Yes, the tension is there, they push themselves to amazing feats of physical daring, strength, flexibility… all the things one might expect. The trick here though is in the delivery and they deliver the whole with artistry and laughs, a skill all too often lacking. From the very start, walking around their bizarre tableaux strewn big top to the final joyous curtain call I was beaming  – and I sensed I was not alone. Act after act amazed and tickled our senses, brilliant slack wire work, silly cycles, ropes, wires, juggling with fire and a beautifully formed diabolo routine. All supplemented by delightful silliness, yes silliness delivered with real heart and in addition the whole accompanied by very good live music.

Anything I didn’t like? Of course, a few slow moments, a balletic moment within a black net that didn’t cut it compared to the rest, but it was only a slow moment in an action packed evening of pure circus.

Perhaps most importantly this is a gem of a family show, kids will love it, they will not leave scared but amazed and amused. If I get a chance I plan to go back!

No Fit State Circus

Hove Lawns

Until 14 May

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★★★★

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