Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus: Gayz Into Space

There’s little doubting that the BGMC know how to deliver a fully entertaining programme and this, their Fringe festival offering, was further evidence. The space theme was fun, if at time somewhat tenuous, but nobody cared because the evening was packed with musical interest and their signature silly sketches. On the down side a couple of numbers were perhaps taken at too fast a pace and that always has the effect of clouding the harmonies but this is a minor criticism from an evening of excellent musicality.

There were of course some familiar BGMC numbers, hardly surprising given the fact that they are an amateur choir with limited rehearsal time, and who cares when they deliver them so well.

Again the BGMC soloists shone, Adam Betteridge, Charlie Benson, John Buckeridge, Rod Edmunds and Nick Ford all worthy of a special mention, and a delightful septet giving us Kate Rusby’s Underneath The Stars shone a spotlight on the versatility of this choir. These moments gave excellent balance to their rousing renditions of classics like It’s Raining Men and Shut Up and Dance.

But for me the choir were at their very best in an excellent arrangement of David Bowie’s Hallo Spaceboy by Tim Nail and a stunning arrangement of Fight Song arranged by choir member Sadao Ueda that had, deservedly, the best audience reaction of the evening.

St George’s Church

4 May

Andrew Kay


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  1. Peter says:

    Hi. Thanks for the lovely review, only it’s “BGMC”, not “BMGC”!

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