Hannah Brackenbury’s celebration of Victoria Wood’s life and work, drawing a few parallels to her own experiences and creations, is a project born out of love and joy. It is clear that at the heart of this show is a deep respect for the late musical entertainment icon, and a jubilation at the cheeky world of tight couplets and sparky songs her influence introduced Brackenbury to. With a beautifully expressive face, Brackenbury performs each and every song with nuance and clear delight, dropping in a few of her own compositions into the mix too – striking a harmonious chord between the two composers, ‘Love Letters’ being a stand-out favourite.

Victorious moves you to tears and to laughter with a racy suburban rhyme and a tender touch. Long may Hannah Brackenbury continue to be Victorious.

The Warren: The Burrow, 25 May 2018
Rating: ★★★★½
Victoria Nangle

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