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Tom Allen: Absolutely

- June 6, 2018

An evening with Tom Allen is quite frankly exhausting. Between his assertive energetic delivery and your constant laughter, I was knackered by the end. How he does it all in his trademark three-piece suit, I don’t know. He is very camp and urbane at one moment then suddenly the mood swings hit him and he is bawling instructions at an audience member. It’s like Larry Grayson and Queenie from Blackadder 2 had a lovechild, or as he puts it “Kirstie Alsop inside Phil’s body”. His observational comedy peaks when he is losing his **** about having to suffer through the world’s worst buffet. Oh the horror!

Worthing Theatres, 5 June 2018
[Rating: ★★★★☆
Martin Baron

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